The 5 Best Tiles For Your Kitchen Splashback

The 5 Best Tiles For Your Kitchen Splashback

As most renovators know, one of the most important aspects of your kitchen renovation is the kitchen splashback – the focal point of the room (and the heart of your home).

The tiles you select for your splashback are an easy way to add colour and personality, not only that but they can help define or elevate the interior style you have in mind for your kitchen.

In this blog post, we will summarise the best tiles to use for your kitchen splashback as well as the most trending Australian splashback styles in 2021.

subway tiles kitchen splashback	Tribeca Sage Green


Subway Tiles

Even if you feel you know nothing about tiles, you’ve probably still heard of subway tiles. They’re rectangular and named after the tiles used in New York’s underground subway system.

Due to their versatility, subway tiles are a classic choice for any tiling project. They are available in a huge range of colours, sizes, and edge types. No matter the interior style of your splashback, there will be a subway tile to suit.

Subway tiles can also be laid in a huge range of patterns, from a traditional brick-bond pattern through to a quirky basket-weave style. Right now, the vertical stack-bond pattern is making waves in Australian interior design because of the clean and refined look it creates.

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penny round bianco carrara marble tile splashback mosaic splashback

Penny Round Bianco Carrara


Mosaic Tiles

A mosaic is made up of small tiles which have been assembled and glued down to a mesh sheet. They fit together easily and are available in a huge range of shapes, sizes and designs.

At Designer Tile Company, we have mosaics made from a variety of materials including porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, and glass.
You can select from geometric shapes like the Rubix or why not go for a Penny Round in natural bianco carrara marble.

Mosaic tiles are an easy way to add interest, texture and pattern to your splashback. They draw the eye and will easily become a hero feature in your kitchen.

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white kit kat tile japanese traces japanese impressions mosaic splashback kitchen splashback

Japanese Traces White Linen


Kit Kat Tiles

The kit kat tile is named after, well, a certain yummy treat. Their design is heavily inspired by Japanese ceramics – a ceramic style that strongly embraces the natural beauty and irregularities of handmade tiles.

Kit kat tiles are available as mosaics at Designer Tile Company and will instantly create a contemporary, on-trend look for your splashback. They’ll also act as the perfect visual centrepiece for your room.

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marmi grande porcelain slab tiles marble slab tile kitchen splashback melbourne

Marmi Grande Calacatta


Large Format Tiles

As their name suggests, large format tiles are big in size and cover a much larger area than subway or mosaic tiles. Your splashback will have no or minimal grout lines if you select a large format tile, which means it will be easier to clean.

The best thing about large format tiles is their ability to replicate design aesthetics of natural marble at a fraction of the price. Our Marmi Grande collection is heavily inspired by marble slabs in design, however they are made from porcelain. Unlike real marble, porcelain is a durable, long-lasting material that requires no special treatment or maintenance.

Create a luxe look in your kitchen with a seamless splashback created with large format tiles.

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kitchen splashback tiles melbourne

Lodge White Wavy Subway Tiles


White Tiles

Sometimes, you just can’t beat a classic white tile. Due to their light reflecting properties, white tiles will brighten up any space and are especially great in darker rooms.

White tiles are also the perfect go-to if you just want to create an uncomplicated, elegant splashback. Choose a fun white handmade-look subway, or find a square tile and lay it in an offset pattern.

Because white is the most common wall tile colour, you will find over 80 variations of white wall tiles on our website. Our impressive collection is sure to carry the perfect white kitchen splashback tile for you.

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